Our company specialized in plants revamping & Rehabilitation, capacity increasing and marketing and distribution of brand name and new products, materials and equipment. Our huge network of international trades our key contacts and our team of professional engineers business developers and sales employees, will introduce and distribute many products faster, more efficiently, end for less than it would cost you by another way you encounter.

    AL-ARAAF was founded in 1995 in BAGHDAD / IRAQ .as well as engineers, designers and senior level technicians who assist in the assembly and debug of custom equipment and product prototypes.

    The total staff is about 18 people. Our engineering staff consists of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers as well as industrial and mechanical designers, who collectively, have extensive automation and product design experience. AL-ARAAF uses Pro-engineer, the leading workstation based CAD system, as well as Solid Works, AutoCAD and CADKEY. All mechanical design and documentation is performed on the CAD workstations.

    Note that with our company is the agent representing several companies, European, ,USA ,Korean and Chinese origins in the area of our specialties

    Project Management and Plant Layouts

    The Engineering Services Group provides a variety of project management and facility planning services, These services range from acting as project manager and coordinating a move for an entire facility, to simply preparing equipment cost studies, work flow analyses, and plant layouts for proposed expansions, relocations, and start-ups. We work with our customers to assist them in the ISO 9000 certification process. We provide services for every phase of plant relocation or start-up from initial planning and site evaluations through shakedown and initial production runs.

    Technology Implementation and Efficiency Studies

    AL-ARAAF draws on experience in problem solving and trouble-shooting manufacturing processes in a variety of industries to pinpoint the sources of production inefficiencies. A detailed and prioritized report outlining problems and suggesting plans of action gives a client’s management a tool for improving manufacturing operations.

    Utility Services Group

    AL-ARAAF specializes in engineering services and custom constructional projects for water treatment, electric, gas, water utilities and their distribution and works closely with each customer to understand their specific needs and provide services or products to meet this needs .AL- ARAAF unique strength is its ability to provide fully integrated solutions to unique utility industry requirements.

    Engineering Services

    · Rehabilitation & Evaluations of services plants (water treatment, power station and all industrial plants.

    · Facility Evaluations.

    · Work Cell Evaluation and Layout.

    · Plant Relocation.

    · Process Review and Evaluation.

    · Facility Planning and Layout.

    · Internal or External Constructional Distributions, (electric, natural gas, water)

    · Equipment Specifications

    · Project Management

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